Notepad++ Mac Alternatives for MacOS in 2018

Notepad++ is best text editor when it comes to web development. It makes your programming easy with the pockmark and colored codes. You can easily debug your code files and write codes quickly. But this is not compatible with Mac and iOS. But there are a lot of alternatives for the Notepad++ Mac that you could use as proficiently as Notepad++. Here we will discuss some best options that you can use them for better code editing and web development.

Best alternatives for Notepad++ on macOS

CodeRunner 2

CodeRunner 2 is a good choice when it comes to design for MacOS. The best thing is that it is more advanced, easier to use and flexible code editor for Mac, iOS, and Linux operating system. It has a full-scale IDE-level code accomplishment for most of the languages. This software supports the23 languages including JavaScript, C++, HTML/CSS, AppleScript and much more. It has some other specification such as file navigator, smart bracket matching, TextMate themes support, and support for automatic indentation, live statistics, multiple options and many more. If you need a powerful code editor in cheap price for Mac then CodeRunner 2 is the best choice for you.

Sublime Text

If you are looking for the best coding editor, web developing or casual text documents then give a chance to Sublime Text like other users as an alternative for Notepad++ mac. It works best on Mac and iOS but the best thing is that it is also available for Windows. The performance of this text editor is really good due to its unique features. The best feature of this app is “Goto Anything “that allows you to move to find words, symbols and line numbers in a file. This software saves the definition created generated in a file such as functions, methods, and class. It also lets you use Goto Anything option to get the definition what you need. You can also find and replace tons of words using one command. Sublime Text is available with built-in Python API and you can add more plug-ins that are required for better functionality. One of the best features is split ending so that you can split one file into multiple windows for well-organized text editing.


SlickEdit is a powerful code editor that makes your file compilation and debugging easy. When you hit a click on an error, it will show you the error location. You can also easily manage the assessment of variables and call stack, Setting breakpoints in the code and stepping into. It supports the sixty plus encodings and languages and functions on nine platforms. All you need to pay once to work on this powerful text editor. It has great features such as the expansion of syntax and code blocks and spontaneous automatic indentation. It also supports multiple cursors, backup history, keystrokes emulation and multiple selections.


All these above-mentioned alternatives for notepad++ mac is the best for Mac users and iOS users as well. You can test any of them on your Mac or if you are using any other code editor, mention them in the comment section.