Kristina Sunshine Jung Wiki Facts: Early life, career, net worth & relationship with her father

Kristina Sunshine Jung is a daughter of infamous drug smuggler named George Jung who was sentenced to jail for 20 years by the federal government. She rose to fame after the release of Hollywood movie ‘Blow’ in 2001 which depicted the life of her father and his smuggling activities in the 1970s. The ending of this movie was tragic when the daughter of George doesn’t visit her dad in Jail. Fans wondered that what actually happened in his real life either her daughter visited her or not. This movie showed the unfriendly and cold relationship between George and Kristina. People are curious whether they both have the same relationship as shown in Blow. If you are also curious about her life and her relationship with her father then read on to learn more about her life, career, net worth and Kristina’ relationship with her former drug lord father, George Jung.

George Jung’ Daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung Parents and Childhood

There is no secret that she has a troubled childhood because of her parents’ involvement in illegal activities. She was born in August 1978 to Mirtha Jung and George Jung. Her mother was a cocaine addict who took drugs in her pregnancy. She was a toddler when her mother sentenced to jail. Her parents got divorced when she was just 6 years old baby girl. FBI caught her father and sent to jail for 20 years. Her paternal grandparents took the reasonability of her upbringing and after the demise of her grandfather, her aunt took over her until she was 18. Her mother neglected her due to drug abuse while her father never met her.

Kristina Sunshine Jung and Her Father’s Relationship Now:

She never got a chance to get her dad’ love in her childhood days as her dad was arrested by the FBI and sentenced to imprisonment for drug smuggling. He came out of jail in 2014 and he tried to reconcile with her daughter according to the reports of TMZ. Jung never met him when he was in jail. Now the father-duo often spotted together and they have started a business named BG Apparel and Merchandise which is a clothing brand. She also wished him a happy birthday on his 74th birthday on Instagram.

Kristina Jung Husband and Children

Kristina Sunshine Jung is no single anymore. She got hitched to Romain Karan, and the couple blessed with daughter ‘Anthena Romina Karan’. There is no information about her husband. They dated and got hitched. She lives with her husband and daughter in California. She is very secretive about her personal life, so there is not too much information about her personal life.

Kristina Jung’ Career & Net worth:

Kristina Jung appeared in a cameo role in a movie ‘blow’ with Johnny Depp but later Emma Roberts replaced her. She is a writer, poetess, entrepreneur, and businesswoman who owns a clothing brand. According to sources, her estimated net worth is $ 150,000.