Ibn Battuta travel experience in India

Ibn Battuta was born in 1304 in the Moroccan city Tangier. He belonged to the family of Qadis who were judged by profession. After studying Islamic law, he decided to visit the different countries of the world to explore the culture and traditions of various regions. During his traveling he went to India and spent about 8 years. The Ibn Battuta travels to India in 1334, where he was warmly welcomed by the leader of the Delhi. He was offered to live there and was appointed as a judge. He served Indian community for eight years.

Experience in India

While residing in the India he came to know about their cultures and traditions. He got new experience and type of life there. There he noticed about new

  • Food
  • Spices
  • Trees
  • Fruits
  • Customs of the land

He enjoyed living there and wrote in his book about all the culture he saw during his stay in India.

Traveling towards the Delhi

Before reaching to Delhi he informed the sultan of Delhi about his visit. He went Delhi by passing the Hindu Kush and then reached to the Multan and then to Delhi. He reached from Sind to the Sultan’s capital within fifty days. During these days he met with noblemen and their families, slaves, eunuchs. The cook belonging to these families served the caravan the chicken, sweetmeat, and persimmon.

Problems during the journey

He narrates in his book about the problem he faced during his journey towards the Delhi. The group was attacked by eighty infidels with two horsemen. The caravan of Ibn Battuta was determined and fought with them and killed the horsemen as well as 12 warriors. He also got an injury when the arrow hit to him but God saved him and he continued his journey.

Job in India

The Sultan of the Delhi appointed him as a judge because of generous, courageous, pious and unpredictable nature. The Sultan of Delhi was so kind no poor went without money. He served his people generously and kindly. He says that when the Sultan used to say some kind word he always kissed on his hand.

the Ibn Battuta visit to India was full of experience, he has both the good and bad times during his stay. He ate a different kind of foods. he found the Sultan very kind as the Sultan of Delhi use to reward his slaves of and on as well as gave them gifts on any success. During his stay, he had some conflicts with the Sultan of Delhi Muhammad Tughluq due to some misunderstandings. The overall stay was good, at the end of his stay in Delhi the Sultan called him to his palace and offered him to visit the other places in the world. He accepted the offer and decided to visit the new and to explore the other traditions, culture and living styles of the inhabitants. He remained in India for eight years and then moved to the other countries with his caravan.