Here Are The Best Places To Stay In Casablanca, Morocco!

Situated on the Atlantic side, in the west-center of Morocco, Casablanca is the biggest city in the Maghreb by population, with over three million citizens. The economic capital of Morocco, the city is recognized for its rich architectural, cultural, and historical heritage, symbolized by the Hassan II Masjid, one of the biggest Masjids in the world. Thanks to its Mediterranean weather with sea influences, Casablanca provides a perfect environment. Of course, the city draws millions of tourists to visit and explore history. Accommodation-wise, the city has much to provide, from top-of-the-range choices (riad, hotel) to modest villas. However, costs have increased sharply in recent years so accommodation in the city can be pricey riding on the neighborhood.

What Can You Do In Casablanca?

Hassan II Masjid; Marvel Of Morocco:

One of the biggest Masjids ever constructed, this unbelievable monument also has the tallest minaret. It’s open to both non-Muslim tourists and worshippers alike and is a necessary stop for its cultural and beauty significance. Overlooking the Atlantic, this holy building is based on the traditional Islamic styles, but essentially modern, with a laser beacon excelling in the direction of Mecca from its peak point. Nocturnally, it is lit up outstandingly.

Moroccan Judaism’s Museum; A Unique History

An exceptional institution in the Arab, this Moroccan museum serves as an aide-memoire that Morocco was a long time ago home to thousands of Jews. The galleries are filled with past treasures, from age-old Torahs to Altars, the display of which keeps the Judaism history in the city alive.

La Corniche; The Atlantic Vistas:

Not distant from the Hassan II Masjid, travelers will locate the Corniche district, spotted with beaches, pools, and bistros. The big influence of western culture in this fantastic place is uncanny, yet it still draws travelers and locals alike for its views over the sea. Not far, the contemporary life of Casablanca carries on at the Morocco Mall, a safe place for even more shopping occasions.

So, Where You Can Stay In Casablanca?

The primary traces of human life in this region date back to the Paleolithic age, making Morocco an outstanding site of archaeology. Nicknamed la Blanche (meaning the white city), Casablanca is an extensive city, home to several districts, all diverse from each other. The striking Casablanca is a well-liked entry for tourists to travel around Morocco. For first-time tourists, determining where to stay in Casablanca can be a bit frightening. So, let’s find out the Best Places To Stay In Casablanca.


Literally interpreted as hill, it is the very old name of the place, which is assumed to have been established by the Romans, but this history version is not unanimously acknowledged by the archaeologists and historians. Situated near cornice, it is home to the busy avenues like Boulevard de l’Océan Pacifique, Boulevard Driss Slaoui, Boulevard Kennedy, Boulevard du Lido, and Avenue de Nice. It is the posh quarter if Casablanca, supported by the golden youth of the city. This high-end area homes an arrangement of luxurious hotels, palaces, countless nightclubs, and pubs – the ideal place to meet young individuals – right up to the seashore. It is one of the most pleasing areas to stay in Casablanca, Morocco.

The City Center:

There’re quite a lot of city centers in this particular city. Thus, the districts of Gauthier, Maarif, Palmiers, and Racine can each be contemplated as the city center. Home to lavish dwellings, Maârif is the preferred night haunt for young people who like going out. Situated behind the skyscrapers of Twin Center, Maârif has an exceptional blend of high-end restaurants, buildings, and chic cafés alongside many department stores and shops, a youthful and dynamic place to stay in Casablanca.

In the district of Gauthier, you will locate a lot of restaurants and bars serving international and Moroccan cuisine, particularly the ones situated between the Rond-Point Mermoz and the Place de la Fraternité. Here, you’re not distant from the old Sour Jdid and Medina, from where you can spot the well-known Hassan II Masjid overlooking the sea. An extremely central place to discover the city and a perfect place to stay in Casablanca.

Aïn Diab:

Watching out over the Atlantic, this district is nearby Anfa and ignores the Casablanca Corniche. A very touristy place, this district draws an increasing number of tourists each year. You’ll discover a host of restaurants, cafés, shops, bars, and villas having pools, as well as the 2nd biggest shopping center in whole Africa: known as the Morocco Mall, featuring 200,000 m² of floor space and a striking one million-liter aquarium. You can saunter down Avenue de Nice towards the areas Racine and Bourgogne. Centrally situated, this district is a convenient place to stay in Casablanca.

Final Thoughts:

Casablanca is a vibrant and lively city with a lot to offer tourists. From its diverse culture and rich history to energetic nightlife, tasty food, one-of-a-kind architecture, and pristine beaches, there is something for everybody on each budget in this unbelievable city of Morocco.