4 actionable tips to Increase SoundCloud Plays that actually works

If you are a successful musician on SoundCloud, you can attract a number of vigorous followers, get more exposure and great visibility on this biggest platform. If you have just started out our journey in the field of music then it is not easier to attract the people in the competitive world of music. Most of the armature artists prefer to buy SoundCloud plays to start their journey with a bang. Here, we‘ll discuss a few actionable tips to Increase SoundCloud Plays that actually works. Let’s delve into it! 

  1. Use SoundCloud Ads:

Promote your audio tracks, albums or playlists with SoundCloud in order to expand the reach and get more plays. Use the SoundCloud advertisement named as promoted tracks. A number of artists and musicians use this technique and get immense success. Although, it is very expensive that suits to the emerging artists. This marketing campaign needs thousands of dollars to promote their audio tracks.

  1. Post On Subreddits and music Forums:

If you want to get more listeners then spread your SoundCloud profile on different music forums. Also, post the link of your profile on music-related subreddits. On Reddit, there are a number of subreddit where music lover discusses music and look for a new artist. Like music subreddits, there is a forum that dedicated merely to music where you can share your music and profile link. Do some in-depth research and post your stuff on relevant subreddits and music forums.

  1. Buy SoundCloud Plays:

Music is undoubtedly the most saturated industry. So it may be difficult for your tracks to be heard by a number of people. Users must play your songs on a regular basis in order to boost visibility on SoundCloud. A number of plays give you more visibility on this mega platform. If you are unable to attract listener then buying SoundCloud plays can be very beneficial for you. It helps you to expand the Soundcloud play count that in turns give you more organic followers. There are a lot of website and providers that offer SoundCloud plays. Do some research and choose a plan that suits your budget.

  1. Use Sponsored Mentions or Tweets

Do you want to attract new listeners? If yes then use the sponsored mentions or tweet link to your audio tracks on SoundCloud. You can achieve a lot of exposure through these sponsored mentions or sponsored tweets. You can also collaborate with the influencers and ask them to recommend your music in order to get a more loyal and huge following.

Bottom Line:

Use the multidimensional approach in order to attract the audience on SoundCloud. Leverage the buy SoundCloud plays, organic strategies, sponsored mentions, commenting on other SoundCloud tracks and active presence in subreddits and forums on music. You can attract a lot of more new listeners and boost visibility on this network by investing some money and a lot of time. Which tactic are you using for increasing your SoundCloud plays? Share with us in the comment box. Happy playlisting!